Man Who Had Extraterrestrial (ET) Contact

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) religion is any religion in which the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) entities operating unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are an element of belief (UFO religion - Wikipedia). There are several religions on earth that believe in Extraterrestrial beings in many forms like creator, mentor well-wishers. These religious beliefs spread in societies which are advanced in science and technology, like UK, USA, France, Japan. Among many of them, Raëlism and Scientology are two largest UFO religions. The number of these UFO religion founders believed to have been contacted telepathically or physically by ETs. But today we are not going to discuss these religions or anything concerning this. Today we will focus on a person who claimed to have photographed UFO and later even visited one with our Saturnian and Venusian counterparts (ET).

The person we are talking about was a man named George Adamski. He claimed that in 1952 November he along with his friends saw an alien ship landing in the desert of California. And this was not the first time either. Adamski went for it believing that it was trying to reach him. And he encountered the landing from where a golden-haired alien stepped out. He named it(ET) Orthon. Orthon was our Venusian counterpart (from planet Venus). Adam ski claimed that his friends saw him meeting someone from a considerable distance. In his words, Orthon was just a messenger to convey peace to us, human, from our interplanetary counterparts (ETs). They didn't actually exchange speech, telepathy was the medium. Orthon warned Adam ski about the terror concerning nuclear weapon and so on. According to Adamski, Orthon even confirmed that Jesus was one of their messengers to warn humankind. Many others were too in different time of history.

George Adamski

George Adamski was a Polish American. He was born in Poland of then German empire in April of year 1891. At his infancy, he along with his family emigrated to USA. Then he dwelt in New York with his family. He had no graduate or undergraduate degree from any accredited educational institution of any kind. He only had only school education. He was a soldier of US army and was fighting in US Mexico border. Later he worked as maintenance worker of Yellowstone National Park, in flour mill and a concrete factory. Then he moved to Palomar Mountain in California. He had a home there which he called Palomar Garden and a farm too.

Actually Adamski’s sighting of aliens started long before 1952. In 1946 he claimed seeing an UFO which was passing over Palamor Garden and was headed to the moon. At that very moment he along with his friends were enjoying a celestial event of meteor radiation in sky. This kind of phenomenon is known as “Meteor Shower”. Even he took a photograph of the ship. We already stated the event in 1952. In following years of the extraordinary events of UFO sighting, George Adamski authored several books where he revealed his experiences. Pioneers of Space: A Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus(1949), Flying Saucers Have Landed(1953),Inside the Space Ships(1955) are few books he authored. He wrote other books too.

He even had a trip to the Mother ship with Orthon and another ET from Saturn in their scout ship. He even visited Venus where he met his late wife when she was reincarnated. He met ET philosopher of thousand years old, with whom me he discussed about religion, astronomy and philosophy.

At the end of World war ||, humans started to realize the devastating effects of destruction nuclear weapon can make. At that period nuclear peace was hot cake.

Adamski claimed that ET Orthon came from Venus. But the thug is, the surface of Venus is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit and life is impossible there. Its enough to melt down even iron. And scientists came to know this around 1954. And the pictures he depicted about Orthon was pretty much like humans. Even he claimed to have contact with some other ETs in different places of California.


But these event paid him well. Adamski was author of more than one best seller books. He even demanded payment for lectures the delivered after the books being published. Fiction writer Arther C Clerk stated ufologists having Adamski disese in his book. With events full of adventure, new concepts and little stupidity may be too, he died in 1965


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