The Forgotten Ghosts: Unit 731

Note: Weak hearted keep away. this is not a delightful ghost story.

"We removed some of the organs and amputated legs and arms. Two of the victims were young women, 18 or 19 years old. I hesitate to say it but we opened up their wombs to show the younger soldiers. They knew very little about women – it was sex education.” -Unit 731.

What is this Unit 731? Unit 731 was a secret organization of Japanese royal army to run the test of organic and chemical weapon. This is the story of Second-Sino-Japanese-War and World War 2 (1937-1945). What is the specialty of this Unit? Here, they researched on Human. To build the Biological and Chemical weapon, Human were the materials of research. And how the experiments were conducted, you can get a picture of that from the quote above.

How Was The Black Section Initiated? Japanese believed their emperor came from divine origin. This is why, the emperor had the authority not only over Japan, the whole world at the same time. Hirohito was the 124th Emperor of Japan. He was a Biologist too. To rule the world, you would require power. Biologist Emperor started to practice death with Biology. Along with light; Science always accompanied devil, why not now? Hirohoto thought of Bio-Mass-Destructive weapon as his power to rule. Thus, Unit 731 came to existence.

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Emperor Hirohoto established “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department” at the district of Harbin in the puppet state Manchukuo. This institution was under the authority Kwantung Army. Manchukuo is in the south western part of China. The institute was under direct supervision of Shirō Ishii.

What was going on here? The better question would be amended like “What was not going on here?

"They were logs to me. logs were not to be considered to be human. they were already dead. so now they die a second time. we just executed a death sentence." -Toshimmi Mizobuchi Training Officer Unit 731

The worst in the history, human rights have been violated by the Japanese army. It got the name Asian Auschwitz. Here Humans were directly infected by germs, body parts were amputated while they were still alive, hit by explosive. Even afterward, no pain killer was given thinking that may reduce the effect of germs. After infected with germs or being amputated of body parts no anesthesia was given to them. It was observed, how many days the infected could live. Even they were kept this way for weeks.

Read the quote from a researcher of Unit 731 -

“I was ordered to wash that person’s body with a deck brush before he or she was taken into the dissection room naked by a member of the special team. The first time, I trembled. One team member was listening to the heartbeat with a stethoscope. One was standing holding a knife. The moment the stethoscope was removed from the ear, a knife went into the body. I did not know, but according to doctors, this timing was very important, because if the timing was wrong, we could get blood all over us, and then we could get infected.”

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Matura is the word used to indicate the test subjects there. It comes from a german word. Humans were the test subject in this case. Sometimes they were called as logs. We see test subjects were referred as logs in the above-mentioned quote.

POWs (Prisoners of War) were raped by other POWs. Even sometimes Japanese doctors also played the role of rapists. Consciously sexual intercourse was forced to make between sexual disease affected people and general people just to see how fast the disease can spread.

Some weapons were tested on these POWs. Granades, Flamethrower(machines to through the fire), Germ Bomb etc are some examples. Prisoners were being infected with Plague, Cholera, Botulism, Pox to see the effects. Don’t think all these experiments were waste. Japanese learned how to make bombs to infect water and crops of any area with certain disease.

When Quzhou province was hit by Japanese Bomb, none could realize what is ahead for them. I called it a bomb but it didn’t blast. It just spread molecular germs which then caused Bbubonib Plague.

Who are the victims of this brutality? About three to twelve thousand are the victims of this brutality. Every year six to seven hundred of them were provided by KampetaI(Military Police of Japan). There was no age limit here. Women, Elderly, Children all were here for the experiments. Most of them, approximately 70%, were Chinese people. The rests were POWs from Second World War and Second Shino Japanese war, anti-Empire Political Organization.

What happened to the scientists worked here More than three thousands doctors worked here with latest technology to create biological weapons. Most of them were successful after the war is finished. Some of them surrendered to the Soviets. They were taken under Khabarovsk War Crime Trials. Some of them surrendered to the American force. Let's see what Douglus MacArthur the commander of joint force say. He wrote on 6 May 1947-

"additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as 'War Crimes' evidence."


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